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12 Best Desserts 2021

Best desserts in Miami 2021! Being the dessert lover as you know, this is a post I always especially enjoy writing. This year brought dessert favorites ranging from cakes and pies to sundaes and fondue, so you’re bound to find something for you! I have put an asterisk at the restaurants I have reviewed.

S’Mores — This riff on the traditional dessert s’mores at Okeechobee Prime Seafood* is much better and doesn’t need a campfire. It was baked and served in a ramekin loaded with melted marshmallow and Hershey chocolate chips along with the cookie. (West Palm Beach).

Sidecar donuts — I stake my reputation on this one and say the donuts at Sidecar are the hands down best. They have traditional and signature selections, but none of those are more is more concoctions that are more about instagram than texture and flavor. My favorites were the Saigon cinnamon and butter and salt cake varieties. You can tell they’re made with high quality ingredients, and the flavors are just right. (Southern California).

FondueComo Como* does fondue right in its variety of ingredients and the quality of the chocolate. Their seductive fondue is a mixture of chocolate from Oaxaca, Mexico with Valrhona and served with a selection of fruits, yummy churros and house made marshmallows. (south Beach).

Mango meringue tart — A tart made for Miami, mango land, is this version from Jia*..The pastry was just right, a foil for the sweetness of the mango and the creaminess of the meringue . (South Beach)

Deconstructed banana split — Prize for the most original dessert goes to The Gramercy* for this unconventional banana split. Find everything from sugar wafers and upside sugar cones to lady fingers and sprinkles garnishing the multiple scoops of ice cream with chocolate syrup (Coral Gables).

Vacherin— This classic French dessert with its creamed stuffed meringue and dollops of raspberry sauce is done to perfection at Le Bilboquet*. (Palm Beach)

More Best Desserts in Miami 2021 (and other places).

Baked Alaska — a dessert I can never resist was done very well by Salvaje*. (Midtown).

Apple tart — Loved the flaky crust in this apple tart topped with vanilla ice cream at French restaurant Piaf at Grand Velas Riviera Maya. (Riviera Maya, Mexico).

Chocolate lava cake Tur Kitchen* knows how to do chocolate lava cake and how to beautifully serve it as well. Sometimes it can be too sweet, but here it was delicious and refined. (Coral Gables).

Olive oil cake — A signature dessert at Ocean Prime* is olive cake — moist, the right amount of sweet, and house made, served a la mode. (Naples, Orlando, Tampa).

Frida Cake — Prize for the best looking cake is this custom made version for my good friend Carmen’s Frida Kahlo party. (Miami).

Pistachio Ice Cream — Always on my list, though this is a “first” for Forte by Chef Adrianne*. It’s uber creamy, delicious and check out the portion for one!!!! (Coral Gables.).

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