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From Revamped To Secret Menus, These Iconic Miami Restaurants Have Something For Everyone To Enjoy

Nothing feels more exclusive and delightful than enjoying delicious food and drinks from a secret menu or a new and updated menu at some of Miami's most iconic restaurants. Often, these items are made so exquisitely for guests to indulge in a unique experience that otherwise they could not get at all times. This is an excellent example of how the following staples use their master skills to improve and innovate but to offer fun and excitement to guests at the same time. Below you will find a list of some of Miami's best restaurants that have updated their menus or are offering secret menu items for everyone to enjoy.



Indulge in Tur Kitchen’s new spring menu.

The Mediterranean-inspired Coral Gables restaurant has debuted a new menu featuring seasonal foods. Appetizers such as Cappalletti with baba ghanoush, onion consommé, chili, and parsley; Manti Turkish dumplings with lamb, labneh, tahini, sumac, and pistachio; and the Organic Greens salad with lemon oil foam, tomato, radish, pickled carrot, and grapes are among the menu highlights.

The Bluehouse Salmon, prepared with a Mi-Cuit technique and served with asparagus velouté, sprouts, aquafaba aioli, and tomato; Braised Goat with curry and charred leek, purple potato, preserved lemon, and clementine; and Braised Goat with curry and charred leek, purple potato, preserved lemon, and clementine are some of the new Main dishes to look forward to Moroccan mint tea-infused lamb chops with carrot puree, crispy yukon, and green peas, as well as Farro with Emmer wheat berries and Gratitude Garden Farms mushrooms.

W Miami's signature restaurant, has renovated its menus with a focus on dynamic cuisine, seasonal meals, creative ingredient combinations, and original beverages.

Chef Micole Suarez from Puerto Rico, oversees this iconic rooftop restaurant, which offers indoor and outdoor eating options 15 stories above Brickell Avenue.

The Captain Crunch, a breakfast dish made with brioche french toast, rum roasted bananas, and pistachio cream; the Duck Confit Quesadilla, a lunch dish made with caramelized onions, mozzarella, and chipotle sour cream; the Bucatini, a dinner dish made with parmesan stock, grana padana, and coarse black pepper; and the Chocolate Mouse Bomb, a dessert dish made with mango gel, chocolate crumbs, and many more.

Secret Menu Items at Fontainebleau Miami Beach

The Fontainebleau Miami Beach is one of the most iconic hotels in the world. This hotel is constantly innovating, and offering guests the most unique experiences. However, what has remained a mystery is that several of the hotel's well-known food and drink outlets have featured a plethora of secret menu delights worth seeking out. Now the hotel is pulling back the curtain to reveal these hidden pleasures; the only catch is that you must request them.

The offerings at each location reflect its aesthetics, atmosphere, and concept. Available for $32, the following items can be ordered by inquiring for the "secret menu" item.

Glow Bar: Nothing embodies what a “Tropical Paradise' 'is more than pineapples and Tequila. While sipping on this specialty margarita out of a pineapple, enjoy the views at the hotel’s iconic poolscape. Topped with cayenne pepper, it’ll add the perfect spice to a cool poolside breeze.

Bleau Bar: This Clase Azul Plata cocktail's "electric dust" will energize your taste buds. This cocktail gives a contemporary spin to a classic Mexican spirit with passion fruit, strawberry purée, and hellfire habanero shrub.

La Côte: When an oceanside cafe meets a butterfly garden, this drink is created. This Belvedere-based cocktail is infused with blackberry and lemongrass and includes butterfly pea tea, rosemary, citrus, and more. It's served with seasoned crispy chickpeas as a side dish.

Arkadia Grill: The delightful "Apple of Envy" cocktail, made with Angel's Envy Bourbon, a hint of apple, and brown sugar, awaits beneath a smoke-encased bubble. It's served with a dry-aged steak burger slider, which brings back memories of great backyard barbecues.

StripSteak by Michael Mina: The "Their Way" cocktail features Grey Goose vodka, passion fruit, and a hint of spice, and is inspired by classics and influenced by Miami. This combination will dance over your tongue with the elegance and finesse of the Rat Pack that inspired it, served with cold shrimp and lemon vinaigrette dusted with togarashi.

Scarpetta: This amaretto and bourbon “Godfather” cocktail is simple and seductive. Paired with a perfect ravioli, it’s an offer you can’t refuse.

Hakkasan: With this Macallan 12 smoked Old Fashioned, you'll have a whiskey experience like no other. The drink is served with crispy rice shrimp in tangerine sauce on a sherry wood oak slab.

Bâoli Miami: This restaurant, which is famed for its enhanced Asian American food and nightly transformation into a champagne-infused dinner party paradise, is introducing Bâoli Garden to the venue's outside patio. Guests can enjoy late nights in Bâoli's outdoor oasis from 11:00 p.m. until closing every week, Wednesday through Saturday.

The Bâoli Garden provides a more private atmosphere to enjoy the special Moonlight Menu, that features dishes that are only available in the garden like the Crispy Rice Tuna, Bâoli Hamachi Sashimi, Beef Carpaccio Pizzeta and others.

Guests can also expect a brand-new secret cocktail menu with five cocktails made with invisible ink that can only be seen with the help of a special UV light provided by the bartender or table staff. The Don is the ultimate cocktail for any tequila fan, combining citrus flavors with a sweet honey Beragamot tea and fresh ginger, and created with only the best, Don Julio Primavera. The B.B.D is a tasty raspberry drink topped with champagne and blackberry dust for those who like a vodka base. Bâoli Garden will also provide top-tier Hookah table service, complete with an array of delectable flavors that combine wonderfully with each new secret cocktail.

OSAKA NIKKEI: Brickell's hotspot, Osaka Nikkei, is now open for guests to enjoy a multi-sensory Nikkei experience. The restaurant masterfully combines millenary Japanese traditions with the distinct flavors of Peruvian food. The dinner menu features a wide range of raw, cooked, cold, hot, seafood, and meat meals, including popular ceviches, tiraditos, and Peruvian Izakaya dishes, among others. Osaka Miami will bring the same culinary idea and experience to North America with a Miami touch, as it does in Latin America's most important cities such as Lima, Buenos Aires, and Bogota.

This Brickell staple, just launched three new secret menu items that every guest who request them will love.

Rocoto Aburi: Breaded shrimp, avocado, smoked tuna tartare, rocoto acevichada, black quinoa.

Lobster Mentaiko: Smoked rocoto gratin, miso, hrana pasado, lime

Shima Rocoto: Japanese striped jack, citrus rocoto emulsion, chalaquita, chives

These menu items are exclusive and only offered by the restaurant’s servers upon request, so make sure to inquire about these delightful new dishes on your next visit to Osaka. These dishes are subject to availability.