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Re-TUR-ning To The Kitchen

Having just celebrated their one year anniversary, TUR Kitchen surpassed all of our expectations and their own, too. Imagine prospering during a pandemic? Well, when you pair Middle Eastern and Mediterranean ingredients like sumac, mint and tabbouleh with the freshest fish, perhaps a wagyu and the best sourced produce in town – it seems like a simple recipe for success. And they did indeed succeed with flying colors. Many diners agree, just take a look at their customer reviews across all online food rating platforms. The commentary and feedback speak for itself. Speaking of commentary, when the New Times considers you to be one of the best restaurants of 2020, plus the Hungry Post, Diario las Americas and Miami Curated sing your praises, you know that you have done something right. Open for both lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday, they also offer an impressive wine list and robust cocktails to accompany any dish you choose.

Aside from the magnificent and simply amazing food, their service is stellar. A real-life Mediterranean dream come true, Coral Gables-based

TUR Kitchen provides ambiance extraordinaire and allows for customers to reflect on the good old days of global travel through a multitude of images that rotate on their large-scale screens throughout.

Luis, Evelyn and Luis Guillermo Villanueva, proprietors and your

incredible neighbors, are also known for their very successful production and distribution company called Somos Group and their Video on Demand platform called Flix Latino. They have always been in the entertainment industry and most recently they ventured off

as restaurateurs.

On behalf of food lovers, and your neighbors, we extend a special thank

you to the beautiful Villanueva family for bringing TUR to our community!

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