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TUR Kitchen is excited  to have the opportunity to bring the flavors and aromas that make Mediterranean cuisine so beloved, right to your workplace.

Offering our upcoming corporate catering services in the Coral Gables area

Tur Kitchen draws its inspiration from the rich and vibrant Mediterranean basin, and promises a delightful and diverse culinary experience for our customers.

The Mediterranean region is renowned for its diverse flavors, fresh ingredients, and unique culinary traditions.

By incorporating influences from countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, and North Africa, our kitchen offers a wide array of dishes that showcase the best of the season and tantalize the senses of our customers.

From the sun-kissed flavors of Provence and the vibrant tapas of Spain to the hearty pasta dishes of Italy and the aromatic spices of North Africa, our customers can expect to embark on a culinary journey that highlights the diversity and richness of Mediterranean cuisine.

With an emphasis on using fresh, high- quality ingredients and incorporating traditional cooking techniques, our catering services are likely to provide a memorable culinary experience

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